34-year old and 12-year old son has been diagnosed with Chron’s disease. | Frontline Disability

34-year old and 12-year old son has been diagnosed with Chron’s disease.

Samantha M

“My son has been living a relatively normal life — the picture of perfect health, with the occasional cold or fever that afflicts any normal child as a part of growing up. But several months after his twelfth birthday, he began complaining about abdominal pain as well as dealing with frequent bouts of diarrhea. When I took him to the family doctor, he was diagnosed with Chron’s disease, which will most likely result in these symptoms recurring sporadically throughout his lifetime.

Our doctor has advised me that my son will be in need of a combination of medications and treatment to deal with Chron’s disease. It is also common for those with this disease to require surgery at some point in their lives. There is also an increased susceptibility from other maladies related to this disease such as ulcers, abscesses and gallstones. My boy may even develop bowel cancer should his condition be left unmonitored as the years go by.

 That’s when I looked into Frontline disability , after hearing from them through a friend who’s father also had Chron’s disease. She told me that while his father had to undergo treatment for the disease for the better part of his life, the Disability Tax Credit they received from the CRA helped their family bear the brunt of the financial hit from their compiling medical expenses.

I was able to reach Frontline disability via their website. Their team of disability tax credit experts went through the process of filing my claim from top to bottom. After a few months the first check from the CRA came in the mail. Aside from the refund, I was also able to get the Child Disability Benefit.

Going through Frontline disability only cost me a few dollars in comparison to the several thousands that I received from my approved disability tax credit. They were able to ease the burden of having to file the entire application by myself. As a full-time career woman who shuttles her son from home and school, as well as his regular visits to the hospital, I am very thankful for the great service that provided for me and my son.” 

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