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41 years old, arthritis, jewelry store manager

Jacob R.

“For fifteen years I have been working as a manager for a fine jewelry store, using computers to handle sales and inventory that caters to a medium-sized client list. Unfortunately, my right wrist began to develop swelling and pain about five years ago due to my constant use of the computer. After having my wrist checked, an orthopedic surgeon diagnosed me with chronic arthritis. Most of the time, this affliction prevents me from spending as much time as I used to with the computer, thereby significantly hindering my ability to work.

A colleague then told me about the Disability Tax Credit offered by the CRA to help alleviate the financial strain of people suffering from a debilitating condition such as mine. I then did some research on how to proceed with my claim but due to my busy schedule especially during the holidays, I was unable to find time to go over the details of how to apply.

My mother-in-law who also has a history of arthritis referred Frontline Disabilities. At first I was apprehensive about going through with the service, as I heard a lot of stories about disability tax credit service companies charging an exorbitant percentage from their clients’ claims. But after speaking to a claims specialist for free consultation, my fears were laid to rest.

 I paid a low, upfront fee to continue with the process of filing my disability claim. They were in constant touch with my physician about my condition to make sure that I would be compensated with the right amount to cover my medical expenses for what is perhaps a recurring life condition. Thanks Frontline Disabilities.

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